Studies in Powder (Colour, Components, and Crackle!)

This is an intensive five-day workshop that explores new ways to approach glass design, composition, and the powder colour palette. The "colour" part involves understanding chemical reactions and blending powders to achieve reproducible colours. The "component" part involves producing and working with many forms of powder wafers. The "crackle" part involves learning how to create three different expressions of the crackle texture.  Participants complete up to seven small (5-inch) gallery-quality bowls, and many test strips and tiles. The bowls are finished using grinding, polishing, and sandblasting techniques. A comprehensive set of course notes is provided.

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Further Studies in Powder (Pushing the Limits!)Prerequisite: 5-day LGS introductory workshop on Studies in Powder (Colour, Components, and Crackle!) taught by Bob, either in his own studio or in someone else's. 


This five-day workshop explores new and advanced techniques for achieving textures with glass powders. Participants will learn how to enhance the basic crackle process by adding subtle veining, replacement textures, blending powders, and sandblasting for colour control. Two completely new textural styles, pebbles and controlled orientation, offer participants creative design opportunities.  New wafer styles expand the range of these versatile components.  By the end of this workshop, participants will have the skills to express their vision and voice using powders.