Basic Crackle Texture, Micro and Backed Wafers

by Bob Leatherbarrow

This technical guide, based on workshops taught over the past decade, provides the foundation for creating:

  • crackle texture
  • two versions of powder wafers (micro and backed wafers)

If you are interested in working with texture and design components using kilnformed glass powder, this is the book for you!


  • 87 pages of clearly documented step-by-step instructions for creating crackle texture, and micro and backed wafers
  • 78 quality images to illustrate the step-by-step instructions
  • detailed explanations of important but subtle details, e.g., how the water/powder ratio affects crackle texture quality,  how powder layer thickness affects crackle texture size, and how powder layering sequence affects the crackle texture colour
  • firing schedules and the logic behind their development (in both °Celsius and °Fahrenheit)
  • guidelines for finishing and slumping projects into gallery quality pieces
  • a gallery of finished artwork, with accompanying stories, to illustrate a range of applications for the techniques described in this book

COST: $25 CAD (~$19.50 USD based on current exchange rates)