Pebble, Oriented, and Colour-Filled-Veins Textures

by Bob Leatherbarrow

This technical guide is a follow-up to our popular Introduction to Kilnformed Glass Powders: Basic Crackle Texture, Micro and Backed Wafers (2015). Like the introductory book, it is based on many workshops taught over a number of years. Using the basic crackle technique as a starting point, our new book details the following techniques and topics:

  • pebble textures

  • colour-filled-veins textures

  • tack-fused controlled-orientation textures

  • organic controlled-orientation textures

  • encased textures

If you are interested in working with kilnformed glass powders and expanding your repertoire of textural techniques made with powders, this is your book! 


  • 113 pages of clearly documented step-by-step instructions for the 5 included textures

  • 115 quality images to accompany the instructions

  • thorough explanations of important details related to working with powders, e.g., how variations in the basic crackle technique can control textural outcomes, using powder to enhance design, using chemical reactions to create fine lines

  • firing schedules and the logic behind their development (in both °Celsius and °Fahrenheit)

  • guidelines for finishing and slumping projects into gallery quality pieces

  • a gallery of finished artwork, with accompanying stories, to illustrate a range of applications for the techniques described in this book


  • Knowing how to make the basic crackle texture described in Introduction to Kilnformed Glass Powders (Book 1) is essential for learning the techniques in Intermediate Kilnformed Glass Powders (Book 2). There is no review of basic crackle in Book 2.

  • The download link provided by email at the time of purchase expires in 24 hours from first access.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the PDF file, please save it to your computer hard drive for permanent future access.

  • The file is password protected so it can only be read in PDF "read-only" software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

COST: $25 CAD (~$18.75 USD based on current exchange rates)