Eight Projects Featuring the Basic Crackle Technique

by Bob Leatherbarrow

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest e-pub which describes detailed step-by-step instructions for eight projects featuring the “basic crackle technique.”  When creating these projects, you will learn how to:

  1. plan and execute project design (8 projects)

  2. blend powder to create a unique colour palette (4 projects)

  3. selectively place crackle texture (4 projects)

  4. control the size of the texture (4 projects)

  5. use chemical reactions creatively (4 projects)

  6. use coloured sheet glass to change the character of a piece (4 projects)

  7. edit crackle textures and use multiple firings as strategies for helping to ensure success (4 projects)

  8. use inexpensive coldworking techniques instead of sandblasting (3 projects)


In addition, 10 helpful tips are included. They cover several general interest topics such as:

  1. mould setup

  2. the “low and slow” approach to slumping

  3. testing for chemical reactions

  4. strategies for reducing or eliminating bubbles; and

  5. how to create “basic powder wafers”

The projects have been planned to require the fewest supplies possible. A simple colour palette of powders applies to multiple projects, and the projects are all similar in size. This optimizes the use of sheet glass, powders, and moulds. 


  • 140 pages of clearly documented step-by-step instructions for the 8 included projects

  • 133 quality images to accompany the instructions

  • 2 appendices with detailed supply lists, both for individual projects and for all 8 projects combined

  • published December 2016


  • Kilnformed Glass Powders: Workbook 1 is a companion to our popular e-pub Introduction to Kilnformed Glass Powders and commonly refers back to the introductory book for the fundamentals of creating the basic crackle technique. You will need to have the introductory book to work through the projects in the new workbook. The foundation information in the introductory book is not repeated in this workbook.

  • The download link provided by email at the time of purchase expires in 24 hours from first access.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the PDF file, please save it to your computer hard drive for permanent future access.

  • The file is password protected so it can only be read in PDF "read-only" software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

COST: $25 CAD (~$18.75 USD based on current exchange rates)