Just Another Day at the Office

by Bob Leatherbarrow

This comprehensive guide introduces a new approach to designing and understanding firing schedules by breaking the firing cycle into three stages, each of which has unique challenges and is independent of the other two. The three stages are: initial heating through the brittle zone; heating to process temperature within the ductile zone; and annealing, and cooling back to room temperature through the brittle zone. Using this logical approach you will not only get improved results and reduce glass breakage when firing projects, but you will also be able to develop and/or revise schedules to fit your specific needs.

The information provided in the book will give you an understanding of:

  • The physical and chemical properties of glass

  • How glass behaves when heated in a kiln

  • The critical observations to be made at each stage of the firing cycle

  • How to design component firing schedules and combine them into overall schedules


  • 219 fact-filled pages written in an easy-to-understand style

  • 109 figures and illustrations explaining the properties of glass and demonstrating proper use of kiln

  • Just Another Day at the Office analogy that is the foundation for this innovative approach to developing firing schedules

  • 14 Component Firing Schedules (in ºC and ºF) for initial heating, full fuse, tack fuse, slumping, and annealing that can be combined into Overall Schedules for individual projects

  • Specific Component Firing Schedules for challenging projects, such as slumping with drop-out and deep-form moulds

  • Practical solutions for reducing or eliminating air bubbles, managing devitrification, and including chemical reactions as a design feature

  • Approaches for using options available on many controllers for better project outcomes

  • Based on 30 years of experience in kilnformed glass and a background in science


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